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Katrina Boydon, Vice President - Content and Compliance
“Liz Carlock has completed a number of freelance writing projects for HQ Publications over the last six months. In my dealings with Ms. Carlock, I have found her to be mindful of deadlines and careful to clarify a brief before commencing a project. She is also willing to provide useful marketing insight, over and above the basic brief, relating to the project she has completed. Ms. Carlock’s reports are well presented and clear, with arguments and ideas always supported by the appropriate facts and statistics. She is also pleasant, personable and a pleasure to work with.”

Iain Gray, Vice President - Global Support
“Liz’s marcom-related deliverables (web pages, articles, marketing tools, etc.) have proven that she can write precisely, effectively and with clarity. She excelled in converting complex service descriptions into a simple, readable form.”

Miranda Dettman, Communications Coordinator
“Heather’s profile is absolutely fantastic! Your writing truly is exceptional; your stories, Heather’s in particular, unfold beautifully and logically giving a great visual story line.” “…honestly, your writing is incomparable.”

Steve Stoneman, Entrepreneur/Restauranteur
“After interviewing six writers, I selected Ms. Carlock for her impressive credentials and professional demeanor. We worked together – mostly via email – for close to three months. She brought a tremendous amount of knowledge and vitality to my project. Specific areas that made Ms. Carlock unique and fun to work with were her clarity and focus and strong ability to organize, and her ability to listen, comprehend, and execute with little direction. She also had great confidence in coaching and advising where needed.”

Angela Bruskotter, Director of Marketing
“Liz has strong leadership qualities and is very focused and organized on what needs to be done to attain the business goals. She is able to balance and prioritize all areas of her work to ensure that the work that gets addressed first is the work that keeps us competitive and viable in the marketplace.”

Tim Taylor, President/Inventor
“Everything looks great; it’s amazing how fast you picked up the system and were able to write so well about the subject.”

Barbara Bennett, Nonprofit Board Member
“Liz completely re-wrote the Shifting Culture web site. She was a real stickler for detail which showed in the resulting product. Liz was extremely well organized in her approach to her work. In this project she needed to collect information from a wide variety of people, many of whom were not used to expressing themselves using business terminology or even in a structured way. Liz knew how to help them get their thoughts organized in a way which improved the overall effectiveness of the business environment. She was passionate about doing a great job and always aimed to exceed expectations; therefore she was careful to never over commit. It was really a pleasure working with her.”

Colleen Meola, Sales Specialist
“I found Liz to be highly efficient, technically astute, and excellent at gaining approval, acceptance and closure. Thinking out of the box comes very easy for her, and she is great at offering help in streamlining processes.”

Brian Rice, Individual, Software Sales
“I really like how you condensed my experience into concise yet powerful bullets that I can easily expand on and talk to in an interview situation.”