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Writing that moves readers to action...

Stories written about your business, agency or about volunteers and staff inspire and motivate.  Customers enjoy doing business with people and companies they relate to.

People need justification for their investments. They seek real-life stories similar to their own.  Thoroughly researched and well-written case studies convey genuine customer experiences. Plus, a keyword-driven case study increases web traffic and can easily be converted into an article to raise awareness and attract media attention.

Potential customers search for quality information.  Yet, they are persistently bombarded with advertising and sales messages.  Constructive articles instead convey information and bypass the intrusion.  A concise, well-woven article lingers - leaving a lasting impression and inspiring readers to think and act.
Well-chosen, strategic words captivate browsers – and lead the right visitors to your website. A well-orchestrated combination of words and phrases entice visitors to linger at your site and become customers. Refined web content exactly taps into the needs and desires of the visitor.

Whether you're a seasoned professional who wants to switch jobs, or you're preparing to enter the marketplace for the first time...a well-written resume that honestly represents YOU and your accomplishments is essential.

Also specializes in...
• Newsletters
• Marketing tools
• Plans – business/marketing

• White papers
• Manuals
• Process documents